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In Touch - July 12, 2006

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday July 12, 2006

The Requirements of Waiting

Psalms 27


Waiting on the Lord sounds easy. After all, we only have to pray and listen for

His answer, right?


The truth is that believers who desperately want to see a need met often find the process nearly unbearable. The next time God tells you to wait, remember these four requirements for keeping a steady vigil until He says, “Now go forward.”


Believers must have faith, trusting in God even without knowing when or how He will resolve a situation. And faith cannot function without humility. We must submit to the Lord with the recognition that there is nothing we can do except pause until further instructions come. Believers are far safer in this voluntarily helpless condition than in trying to figure out their own solution. As soon as we begin to manipulate our circumstances — which is a demonstration of prideful reliance on self — we subvert the Master’s plan.


The moment we realize that we could save ourselves pain or stress through some action that is not of God, we need patience, which is not an inborn trait. It is a decision to remain calm and quiet in a difficult situation.


We will never make the choice to exercise patience unless we have courage. Friends and colleagues will freely offer advice about our situation. We must bravely wait when others say it is time to move. Fear of criticism is often the catalyst for believers to get out of God’s will.


Praying when we would rather be doing is hard. But we must be ready to hold steady faithfully, humbly, patiently, and courageously when God says, “Wait.”

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