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In Touch - July 14, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday July 14, 2005

The New Yoke

1 Peter 5:6-11


Giving our burden to God in order to take on His yoke seems like a contradiction. But the yoke of Christ is not a new kind of weight. In fact, it is a symbol of the believer’s transformation, which is described in Scripture. Submitting our burden to God necessarily means submitting ourselves as well.


The only way Christ can share our load is for Him to exercise control of our life. However, human beings are reluctant to give up authority over themselves. The illusion of having control of our circumstances gives us a false sense of security. But the truth is that until we allow God to manage our life, we will be managed by our problems—chasing after the quickest solution or the easiest escape from pain.


Sacrificing control means we cannot continue to rely on past survival techniques. Instead, we must discover through prayer and Bible reading how to walk in the same manner as Christ. As our steps align with His, our new yoke shifts the weight of our problems to His shoulders.


The most important concept we must learn is to trust the Father. If we are certain He has a plan and purpose for us, we can be confident that our burden—whether a troubled marriage, a child on drugs, or a harsh financial picture—will not drag us to the ground. Psalm 55:22 says, “He will never allow the righteous to be shaken,” which means He is faithful to carry the weight and show us how to care for those affected by our burden. Trusting Him lightens the load.


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