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In Touch - July 28-29, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

July 28-29, 2007 – From Condemnation to Unconditional Love – Ephesians 6:4 

            God gives parents the awesome privilege of demonstrating His love to children. With support from family and friends, Mom and Dad can help their kids discover the joy and satisfaction of a personal relationship with Jesus

            Sometimes, though, we can become a stumbling block for our children, rather than a bridge to God. For example, it’s important to respond to their efforts with wisdom. Some parents want their kids to succeed so badly they constantly “raise the bar.” If your daughter brings home an A, do expect an A+ next time? When your son finishes third, do you ignore his effort and push him to place second in the next race? 

            Unless we’re careful, children may mistake their age-appropriate efforts as inadequate and disappointing to their parents. Later in life, they could dangerously assume the same is true of God. Kids might ask, “If I can’t meet my earthly parents’ standards, how can I ever meet the heavenly Father’s?” 

            We should encourage our children to achieve. But we must be balanced. And we must confirm their identity outside of any dependence on performance. When we do, they’ll know we appreciate them. Not only that, but they’ll believe that God values them, too. 

            Of course, the desire of all Christian parents is for their children to depend on God and receive Christ as Savior. Parental acceptance and appreciation will help them embrace God’s unconditional love. It will also reinforce the amazing truth that He’s forgiven their sins and erased all condemnation.


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