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In Touch - June 1, 2010

  • 2010 Jun 01



June 1
The Priority of Life
Matthew 6:31-33

What is the priority of your life—the one thing around which everything else revolves? Jesus tells us that God's
kingdom and righteousness are to be our highest priority.

Such a lofty goal will never be achieved through passivity. Rather, it demands continuous, diligent effort. "To seek" means to be active and aggressive in our quest. This isn't an issue that is settled once and for all in life; it must be pursued every day, moment by moment.

We live in a world of two opposing realms, which are in constant conflict—the kingdom of Satan and the kingdom of God. Our only protection against the Devil is the authority of the King of Kings. To seek the Father's kingdom is to submit to His rule over every area of our lives. The bottom line is obedience. Every decision must be subjected to His will.

To seek God's righteousness means submitting to His process of transforming us into Jesus' image. An integral part of this procedure is the renewing of our minds with Scripture. The Word of God washes away worldly thinking and replaces it with the Father's viewpoint and instructions. By yielding to His promptings, we will begin to sense His presence and discover the most satisfying relationship possible.

Stop and evaluate your priorities. Who or what dominates your thoughts and affections? Where do you invest time and money? How do you come to a decision? Making Christ top priority requires you to surrender your time and submit your will—but the rewards far outweigh any sacrifice.  

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