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In Touch - June 10, 2006

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday June 10, 2006

Right Relationships

Acts 2:42-47


Have you ever met someone who claimed to be a Christian but refused to engage with other believers as part of a church body? Such people will often say, “My spiritual life is between me and God. It doesn’t involve anyone else.” What a tragic, misguided view!


The Lord created each of us for relationship, both with Him and with other believers. We cannot be the complete men and women God wants us to be unless we are actively connected to others. That’s what the church is—a place of commonality wherein a collection of individuals forms one body. The benefits of these relationships are staggering. They...


1. Build confidence in God and in ourselves.

2. Encourage us when we are down.

3. Motivate us to greatness.

4. Stimulate our creativity.

5. Energize us when we are weary.

6. Comfort us when we are hurting.

7. Defend us when we are attacked.

8. Forgive us when we make mistakes.

9. Love us when we seem unlovable.

10. Accept us just as we are, unconditionally.


Such relationships characterized the early church — there was no concept of faith in isolation. Acts 2:44 is an amazing statement: “All those who had believed were together and had all things in common.” It is doubtful that many modern churches could make this claim.


Take stock of the “right relationships” in your life. Who is it that you trust unreservedly? Who challenges you to be your very best and depends on you for the same? Friends are a blessing from the Lord; honor Him in your relationships today.

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