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In Touch - June 12, 2008

  • 2008 Jun 12

Thursday, June 12, 2008  - Jesus: Doorway to the Father John 14:6-11 

A fair amount of westerners claim to “know God”. They call themselves Christians. But several of them don’t believe in Jesus. They don’t believe in His assertion. They don’t believe Jesus is the Son of God.

A person can’t know the Father and be His child unless he or she has received Jesus Christ and entered into a personal relationship with Him.

Jesus is the doorway to salvation. It’s not enough to “know God” by simply realizing there’s a supreme being. Jesus said without faith in Him, it’s impossible to come to the Father.

Since God is holy, He can’t tolerate sin in His presence. But all people are sinners. Jesus died in our place to pay our debt. His death bridged the gap between impure man and holy God. Anyone, who receives Jesus’ sacrifice for sin, is forgiven. This person is declared righteous. Jesus welcomes this person into fellowship with God.

Jesus is the doorway to discovery. Jesus was the earthly representation of His Father in heaven. Christ’s life among men provides the most complete picture we have of God the Father. Through the Son’s actions, choices, and teachings, we learn how the

Almighty thinks. We also learn what He desires from His followers.

Jesus said He and His Father are one. Omitting Christ from religious beliefs or practice leaves people with a narrow and inaccurate view of their Creator. We can’t know God unless we get to know the Son.



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