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In Touch - June 16, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Thursday June 16, 2005
Leaving a Godly Legacy

Philippians 3:16-17


The Christian’s life should reveal the truth of who Jesus Christ is. In that way, it can provide a godly example and legacy for future generations. What can we pass on that has lasting value?

Love for God's Word. We want those who know us well to be able to say, "I remember how important Bible reading was to them. Their actions showed that they trusted what Scripture said. I know they tried to make their decisions based on biblical principles."


Dependence on Prayer. Is our prayer life visible to our families, friends, and those within our sphere of influence? We want them to recall our reliance on God through prayer. The remembrance of us on our knees or clasping a partner’s hand while earnestly seeking God on some matter will be a powerful testimony. The answers that we receive and testify to will encourage them to follow our example.


Importance of Worship. Our families and others do notice what priority we place on worshipping Christ in a local church and the sacrifices we make to do so. Our children will also absorb the "unofficial" lessons we teach by our behavior as we get ready for church and afterwards as we return home.


Attitude Toward Money. When we give tithes and offerings to our church, even in hard times, we will be showing others our commitment to God. Our actions will impart to their thinking the importance of giving to God first.

God wants us to invest our lives in ways that bring honor and glory to Him. In so doing, we will also be developing a rich spiritual inheritance to give to others.

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