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In Touch - June 17, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008  -  Saving Faith  - John 1:12-13

Faith in Christianity involves several elements. Knowledge of who Jesus is and what He did must come from confidence. We need to know the facts are true and apply to us. We must start by realizing that I have broken God’s law. That makes me a sinner. All of us are born with a rebellious nature against the Lord.

To save faith, we acknowledge none of our efforts can earn His favor. We also agree “Jesus died for me.” He paid for all our sins, no matter how terrible they are in the world’s eyes.

Next, we believe Jesus’ death is sufficient payment for our wrongdoing. Nothing else is needed. We must accept He paid our penalty and endured the Father’s wrath in our place.

Finally, we accept by faith that we’ve been adopted into God’s family on the basis of Christ’s (sorrowful) atoning death. The invitation is for the world, but not everyone has true conviction. Too many people see these facts as “information” rather than life-altering truths.

Once we’re convinced Jesus is our Savior, trust is demonstrated through action.

As “new creatures,” we’re no longer who we once were. Second Corinthians 5:17 says there are different values and priorities for us to embrace. Jesus, our Lord, has authority over our lives. He alone deserves to be our top priority. He knows what pleases the Father. Jesus has sent His Spirit to live in us and teach us.

Take time to examine yourself for evidence of knowledge, conviction, and trust. If one area is lacking, ask the Father to help you come to true saving faith.


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