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In Touch - June 17, 2011


June 17

Obligation to Future Generations

Psalms 78

At any time, we are just one generation away from being a pagan nation. Consider what could happen to our country if we stopped sharing the truth about Jesus with our children: the next generation would exist with no biblical foundation.

This idea may sound extreme, but our recent history shows an unsettling tendency. Years ago, our country was founded upon scriptural principles. It was common for people to take their children to church and read the Bible aloud at home. As time went on, though, we became affluent and busy, pushing the Lord aside. Now, many children attend schools where God is not even mentioned—unless His name is used in vain.

As we see in Psalm 78, we have been given divine instruction to teach the truth to our children. We do this by modeling a godly life, teaching the Word, and sharing our testimony of the Father’s provision and leading. Our obedience concerning the training of children will determine the future moral character of our nation.

All believers have an important role to play in this—from the Sunday School teachers who instruct directly in a classroom to the volunteers who drive children to youth group. Parents in particular have the enormous responsibility to train their daughters and sons in righteousness.

Are you a parent or grandparent? Or are there other children within your circle of influence? Think about ways that you are purposefully teaching them how to walk with Christ. There is no task quite as
essential or fulfilling as investing in the lives of the next generation.

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