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In Touch - June 2, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008 - Lessons From the Prophet Jonah - Jonah 1

The Lord’s commands are clear. He tells believers when to act. He tells believers where to go. The Lord tells believers what to do. He also provides the means for following His directions.

The prophet Jonah was told to go immediately to a certain city. Jonah was to cry out this warning: “Yet forty days and Ninevah will be overthrown”. Instead, Jonah did something foolish. He ran. Jonah was a prophet. So, we can assume Jonah had studied the Scriptures and knew God intimately. Still, dislike about his “assignment” clouded his judgment. Jonah became convinced he could flee the Lord’s presence.

Jonah was wrong. God sent a great storm. God isolated Jonah for three days inside a smelly fish. The Lord didn’t end this experience until the prophet agreed to comply. Jonah learned that running away from the Lord doesn’t release us from His commands.

Whether we outwardly or quietly pursue our own agenda, we simply can’t silence His call. Our Father will neither forget nor change His mind about a command. The Holy Spirit continues prompting us until we do as instructed. Wise believers obey God promptly rather than waste time and talent by running.



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