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In Touch - June 20, 2005

  • 2005 Jun 20

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Monday June 20, 2005

Faith Barriers

Exodus 3:1


God enables us to carry out His designer plan for our life. When we fall short of accomplishing the goals He has set for us, it is not because the Father failed to provide necessary equipment. Instead, failure is usually the result of a barrier within the heart—an attitude or combination of attitudes that short-circuits our faith. As a result, the flow of God’s power is hindered, and we cannot become the person He desires us to be.


Moses is a dramatic illustration of the disruptive potential of faith barriers. Called to one of the greatest missions in the Old Testament, the future leader of the Israelites responded with excuses for why he should not obey.

Excuses for disobedience have not changed much since Moses’ experience with the burning bush. He tried to hide behind the same five faith barriers believers use today: poor self-image (3:11-12), ignorance of God (3:13-21), self-doubt (4:1-9), feelings of inadequacy (4:10-11), and fear of failure (4:13-17)


Thankfully, God’s response to faith barriers has not changed since Old Testament days. Each time Moses protested that God asked the wrong man—a slow-tongued Midianite shepherd of slavery lineage, who murdered a man and became a fugitive—God responded with a firm but gentle rebuttal. The theme of His answers is one we all need to understand as Moses finally did—when we are called to serve, God does the work through us. The Lord does not seek out the best person for a job. He calls men and women who are willing to surrender themselves to Him.


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