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In Touch - June 20, 2008

  • 2008 Jun 20

Friday, June 20, 2008 -  Experiencing Loneliness - Acts 4:10-12

All of us feel alone from time to time. Sickness, a busy work schedule, or trying times can make it difficult to stay connected. Moving to a new location, job, or school can also bring a sense of isolation. Once this “season” passes or we adjust to the new place, the feeling goes away.

Loneliness is different from aloneness. Loneliness involves a sense of separation from people. Loneliness can intensify over time. We find it harder to reach out and easier to be alone.

When our mind starts telling us that no one’s interested in us, we build a wall around our heart. We’ll allow few people into our world. The more we withdraw; the worse we feel. Peace of mind eludes us. Loneliness weighs us down.

God never intended for us to live disconnected from one another. From the beginning, He purposed we should enjoy an intimate relationship with Him and each other.

First, He established a personal relationship with Adam. God then provided Adam with Eve. Genesis 2:18 shows our Creator knew it wasn’t good for us to live in isolation.

Intimacy with God comes before intimacy with anyone else. In the absence of a personal relationship with Him, one is never truly at peace. The only way to be connected to the Father is by trusting Jesus as Savior. Those who place faith in Him receive a new nature. Those who place faith in Him become part of God’s family and experience His peace. If you’ve never accepted Christ’s invitation, you can pray right now to become God’s child.



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