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In Touch - June 22, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday June 22, 2005

Walking by Faith

Romans 6:3-7


At the moment of salvation, we receive Jesus Christ by faith. We trust He exists and willingly forgives our sins when we repent. Unfortunately, many new believers are not instructed in living by faith. Instead these people try to follow a legalistic code of works and spend their lives frustrated and worried they have not done enough to earn God’s good will. But we were never meant to live the Christian life under our own power.


The apostle Paul taught frequently on the subject of walking by faith. To him, that meant enjoying a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which involves placing trust in Him for every circumstance of life. Our old life, conduct, and attitudes are left behind. We move forward in intimate companionship with the Savior, and as we do, He works to develop in us new patterns of behavior and thinking. In our relationship with Christ, we have everything we need for a godly life.


On a practical level, this means trusting the Lord daily for His care and provision, and obeying His instructions. Sometimes God’s directions make little sense to us with our limited view of the world and the future. But if we walk by faith, we are not relying on what we see or feel. We are confidently expecting Him to do what is good and right for us every single day, without exception.


Untrained believers may never experience confidence in God because trust grows out of knowledge. Do you desire to walk by faith? Then find a Bible-teaching church or mentor committed to instructing Christians about the ways of our heavenly Father.


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