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In Touch - June 24, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 -  Becoming a Generous People - Acts 10:1-2

God is the ultimate Giver. He sent His Son Jesus to die in our place. Jesus gave us the right to be called children of God. He provided us with the riches of eternal life at no cost. In return, He asks us to follow His example and be generous.

It all starts with biblical thinking. We’re to acknowledge God owns all of the world’s resources. Whatever we have is a gift from His hand. Remember His goodness and love, which prompted Him to sacrifice His Son. Accept that belonging to Him means releasing our grip on our finances and trusting Him to meet our needs.

The next step is to adopt God’s priorities as our own. We then must invest in His kingdom work. Old Testament law required a tithe, which is one tenth of all income, be given. Now, we’re under the new covenant of grace. Romans 12:1 states our entire life, which includes our time, talent, and treasure, is to be offered to the Lord. The tithe is just the minimum.

God established the church as a primary means for spreading His good news. The church is meant to help those hurt. The church is a way to worship Him as one body for the people. As His children, we’re to give faithfully to the local church.

The Lord promises great return on our investment in His work. Sometimes it comes in the form of financial prosperity. More often, it will be through greater intimacy with Him. The reward will be peace of mind, harmonious relationships with others, and satisfaction of spirit. These blessings have a greater value than anything our material world has to offer.



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