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In Touch - June 4, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 -  When We Feel Frustrated  -  Philippians 4:10-13

Many people have seasons of frustration in life. Some feel hindered from achieving goals. The natural reaction is to blame circumstances or individuals instead of ourselves. External forces may trigger unhappiness. Sometimes we make changes to avoid irritation like quitting a job, ending friendships, or moving away. But we can’t find genuine peace that way.

When we feel frustrated, we need to investigate the cause. Discontent has three internal roots. One is not being able to accept ourselves as we were created. Our talents, personality, and physical attributes may not be what we desire. But, they’re exactly what we need to follow God’s will for our life. Dwelling on what we lack or what we would change distracts us from service.

A second internal root for frustration is an unwillingness to deal with our past. We may have painful memories or recall mistakes that brought heartache. We need to admit their impact. Then we can confront any resulting emotional or psychological issues to move on in peace.

The final source of frustration is a refusal to deal with behaviors or attitudes that are outside the Lord’s will. Holding on to an ungodly action often makes us try to justify ourselves to our Father and others.

The human solution for frustration by changing external situations will fail every time. The only way to end frustration is by relying on God for the strength to cope with its source.



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