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In Touch - June 7, 2010


June 7
A Cheerful Giver 

2 Corinthians 9:6-12

God loves a cheerful giver because He Himself is one. He wants the bounty that He pours out on His children to overflow toward others. Sadly, many people treat their wealth more like a personal reservoir than a divine channel.

The reservoir mentality treats wealth as a means to provide solely for one's own family, goals, and desires; money for God's work is given reluctantly. The stingy person figures that as long as he offers something, it shouldn't matter that he'd rather not. However, attitude is vital. To God, the state of a believer's heart is more important than his or her actions (Hos. 6:6). Lukewarm giving is a signal that we aren't fully engaged in seeing the Lord's work done. We'd rather ensure our own security.

What surprises the tightfisted believer is that God does not fill a reservoir. Even people who appear affluent never feel that they have enough. True contentment comes with accepting that our wealth—however limited—belongs to the Lord and is sufficient for our needs. As soon as we understand that, our reservoir bursts its banks to become part of God's divine channel. As He pours in, we cheerfully pour out with full confidence that He will provide for both our needs and our gifts.

The Lord's ultimate plan does not include making all of His children prosperous. His purpose is to make every one of us generous with all that we have—wealth, compassion, knowledge, etc. Cheerful giving is courageous giving because we have to trust that the Lord will provide. 

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