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In Touch - June 8, 2011


June 8

Keeping a Clear Mind

Romans 12:1-2

The human mind is an amazing creation of God. Nothing on earth can match its capabilities or creativity. It controls feelings, thoughts, words, attitudes, and behavior. Who we become and what we achieve are largely due to how and what we think. Wouldn’t it make sense to let the One who created us guide our thought processes?

A clear mind is one that’s aligned with God’s Word and controlled by His Spirit. When the Lord has authority over our thoughts, discernment will guard our perspective. He empowers us to look beyond the surface and view situations as they really are. We can distinguish not just between right and wrong but also between good and best. The Lord has granted us the ability to think rightly no matter what challenges may face us.

But such clear, focused thinking must be deliberately chosen and diligently maintained. If we don’t guard against the world’s influence, we will find ourselves squeezed into its mold. Soon we’ll have a fragmented mind that cannot focus on spiritual things because it is cluttered and clogged with worldly thoughts and concerns. We must carefully consider what we allow into our minds. So ask yourself,Is this helping me become the person God wants me to be, or is it hindering the process?

A renewed mind begins with surrender to the Lord. Until you give Him full authority over your thoughts, you’ll have no power to clear out the clutter that hinders you from living in the fullness of His will. But as you yield to Him and fill your mind with His Word, He’ll transform your life.

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