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In Touch - June 9, 2006

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday June 9, 2006

Teaching Children About Work

Mark 1:16-20


Jesus’ call to be fishers of men extends to modern believers. In order for anyone to achieve and become all that God has in mind, it is crucial to learn the right attitude toward work, whether it relates to vocation or service to the Lord. As parents, we must teach our children these additional lessons from fishing:


A fisherman must be industrious. The Bible tells us that Zebedee had some hired help (Mark 1:20). He didn’t settle for simply catching enough fish to feed his own family; he built a successful business that could also sustain his employees. It is likely that Zebedee taught his sons to reach for their full potential instead of accepting “good enough.”


A fisherman must be disciplined. He doesn’t have the option of sleeping in late or leaving the water early. Even though he is tired after a long shift, he recognizes that he must clean the nets to keep them in good repair. Zebedee’s sons learned responsibility and self-control on their father’s boat.


A fisherman must be persistent. The best catch is often made after everyone else gives up. Zebedee undoubtedly taught James and John not to quit until they gave their fullest effort. This ingrained attitude was essential when Jesus sent the disciples out to evangelize the world.


The order to spread the Gospel is still in effect. The church needs committed

believers who teach and demonstrate a biblical mindset. Parents who model industry, discipline, and persistence are most likely to raise children determined to win the world for Jesus Christ.

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