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In Touch - June 9, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008 -  Peace With One Another -  Romans 12:19-21

Scripture calls some believers to be a source of encouragement to others. But, most of us know at least one person who brings us more conflict than comfort. Discord can take many forms. Two personalities may not go well together. Different beliefs can lead to arguments. Words and actions might be misunderstood. But through Jesus Christ, almost any difference can be overcome.

Those who’ve received Him as Savior have the ability to live a life of peace. Conflict results from living in “the flesh”. That’s man’s natural desire for self-satisfaction by any means.

Believers given the Holy Spirit can act in the Spirit rather than in the flesh. When we give the Lord control, His goodness and grace flow through our life and create harmony. 

To have peace with one another, divine grace must first be expressed through prayer. We make it a habit of lifting up the other person to the Father. Next, we honestly discuss with this person the issue in the relationship. It could involve a past wound, incorrect assumption, or unhealthy thought pattern.

There’s only one way to uncover the source of conflict. That way is to be willing to share our concerns and listen to the other point of view. Sometimes it’s necessary to get help from a godly counselor to work through this step.

Finally, once the root issue is identified, both parties must cooperate in restoring harmony. They agree to confront new issues as needed. God desires His Children live in peace, but He knows we cannot achieve harmony ourselves. For that reason, He gave us the Holy Spirit.


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