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In Touch - Mar. 12, 2008

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 12, 2008 – His Empowering Presence Psalms 42:1-5 

            A woman unlocks her front door and walks into an empty house. She drops her purse and bags onto the couch and slides a CD into a nearby player. Music floods the house. Have you ever wondered what impulse makes people want to break the silence of a quiet home? The sights and sounds of TVs and stereos temporarily meet our need to feel we’re not alone. 

            God desires an intimate relationship with each person, so He created us with a yearning for His presence. Though He alone can fill that void, people attempt to satisfy their longing with all kinds of relationships and activities. But filling that spot with anything other than the Lord is a short-term solution. 

            The Bible urges us to stop our frenzied search for satisfaction in what the world offers, and instead recognize that we should turn to Jesus. Yet so many people pursue substitutes for His presence. Friends, hobbies, and busy schedules provide momentary pleasure while gobbling up time that should be spent in quietness before God. And all too often, when the amusement of one good thing wears off, a new activity or person must be found to fill the gap. 

            Nothing besides the Lord can adequately fill the spot in our life that God has assigned for Himself—noise and busyness will satisfy for just a little while. Our Father’s empowering presence is the only genuine solution. For believers, the Holy Spirit is already present within. What we must do is settle ourselves before God so He can make Himself known to us.



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