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In Touch - Mar. 16, 2011

March 16

Praising the Lamb of God

Revelation 5:1

John’s revelation of heaven’s throne room is a striking picture of true praise. The place explodes with worship and adoration for Jesus. Those present—the elders and “myriads of myriads” of angels (v. 11)—are motivated to sing their love of Christ because they know who He is. He is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world (v. 6; John 1:29). And He is the Lion of Judah (Rev. 5:5), the only one worthy to judge the earth and bring forth its renewal. Jesus is wonderful, and these men and created beings cannot resist saying so.

What motivates you to worship? Shouldn’t the reason for lifting hands and voices be to praise our Savior for who He is? To do that, we must take the time to know Him. Opening the Scriptures only on Sunday and praying sporadically are not enough. We have to commit ourselves to discovering Him through regular Bible study, selfless prayer, and service to His kingdom.

Once a believer has glimpsed a side of Christ’s character that is bigger and more amazing than he realized before, he yearns to know more. He hungers and thirsts for God in His life because only the Lord can satisfy (Matt. 5:6). It is in worship that the Christian’s heart is filled.

Praise is part of a cycle: learn more of God’s character, love Him more deeply, worship and serve Him better, and receive spiritual fulfillment. Amazingly, even as we are satisfied, we crave more of His presence in our life. And so we dig into His Word for more and begin the cycle again.

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