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In Touch - Mar. 25, 2011

March 25

Dealing with Debt

Romans 13:1

Every citizen has the responsibility to submit to governmental authority. Obeying the laws of the land which do not contradict scriptural commands is an essential part of honoring the Lord. Verse 7 of today’s passage says, “Render to all what is due them.” Just as we are obligated to pay our taxes, we’re also to repay all of our debts (v. 8).

The Lord expects anyone who borrows money to be diligent about making regular repayments. By withholding what is rightfully due, we are guilty of stealing from the lender. Not only that, but we also ruin our testimony for Christ. Since the offense of defaulting on a loan is serious, we need to be diligent about getting ourselves out of debt and staying out.

Perhaps this is hitting close to home. As daunting as the task of debt reduction may seem, you are not alone. God wants you to be financially free, and He will show you the way. However, His method is usually not a fast fix, but a slow and steady approach, which will also effectively train you to avoid future debt. Confess that you haven’t been a good steward of your resources, commit to making some sacrificial changes, and consistently work toward your goal. Then watch the Lord faithfully lead you out of debt.

Does a mountain of debt seem bigger to you than almighty God? If so, your focus is on your own inabilities instead of His faithfulness. For those who turn to the Lord in genuine repentance and surrender, He’ll supply the needed resources as well as the persistence to repay what is owed.

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