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In Touch - Mar. 4, 2009

March 4, 2009
Confidence to Face Trials

John 14

Few people enjoy conflict. As Christians, however, we are guaranteed trouble and persecution, particularly when we proclaim Jesus as Lord (John 16:33; 2 Tim. 3:12).

The very nature of the gospel divides people. One source of tension is the exclusivity of certain biblical claims. For example, many people find John 14:6 infuriating because Jesus stated that He was the only way to the Father. But as the same verse states, Christ is also “the truth and the life.” So while we must be kind when explaining God’s message, we need not be apologetic.


And when we face difficulty for honoring Christ, we do not need to be afraid. There are three reasons that we, as children of our heavenly Father, should have confidence to face the hardships of life. First, we know that Jesus faced trials just as we do, and He is with us in all of our adversity. Second, Scripture tells us that when we walk in step with Him, He allows only challenges that will strengthen, mature, and equip us. In that way, we can help others who deal with similar tribulations. Third, we are assured that He will provide everything we need—and with God’s help, this trial will not be more than we can handle.

Are you comfortable telling others about Jesus and explaining why you believe in Him? Spend time thinking about how to express the Savior’s involvement and significance in your life. In that way, you will be prepared to confidently share your faith. Then, pray for strength, courage, clarity . . . and opportunities.



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