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In Touch - March 1-2, 2008

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 1-2, 2008 – Living Decisively Joshua 6:3-20 

            For seven days, Joshua led his men on a march around the enemy city of Jericho. Finally, at his command, the army shouted. Then the walls of the city crumbled, and the residents were at the mercy of the Israelites. 

            Many of us file this story in our minds as something amazing that the Lord did a long time ago. Yet the same God guides us today. By studying this story, we gain insight into living obediently and decisively for our Father

            Joshua heard God’s directive: “You shall march around the city . . .” (Joshua 6:3).In order to obey, we must hear what the Lord is telling us to do. And to clearly recognize God’s voice, we must first be meditating on His Word, confessing sin, praying, and walking in a godly fashion. 

            Joshua obeyed: “Then he said to the people, ‘Go forward, and march around the city’” (Joshua 6:7). The Hebrew leader faced three potential stumbling blocks. 1) He could have questioned God’s directive—marching around the city doesn’t seem like a practical strategy for overtaking a powerful people. 2) Joshua could have felt pressure to explain himself to his men. Decision-makers often desire approval and agreement. 3) He could have feared failure. But Joshua did none of these. Upon hearing God’s voice, he obeyed without hesitation. The result was that God honored his obedience: “The wall fell down. . . and they took the city” (Joshua 6:20). 

            Are you willing to do what God says, regardless of your situation or feelings? Pray to hear the Lord’s voice clearly, and ask for strength to obey decisively.



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