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In Touch - March 2, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 2, 2007 – The Requirements of a Godly Influence – Daniel 1  

Companies often spend millions of dollars to influence the public. Along with money, much thought and strategy go into designing ad campaigns and public relations events to capture people’s imaginations.

As believers, we are in a much more important business: capturing hearts with Gospel truth through godly influence. If we are to have an impact on others, we need to present a consistent witness before all men.

Strong conviction about God’s Word is the foundation of a godly influence. We must believe the Bible is true and practical in daily life. Daniel clearly did. In today’s reading, he and his friends refused the king’s food and wine. Why? Scripture told them not to eat anything offered to idols, a common practice of the time (Ex. 34:15). Daniel put himself, his friends, and the commander of the officials in danger of death over the issue of food! But he acted this way because he knew God wanted him to obey Scripture, no matter what.

Following the Bible’s instructions isn’t usually a matter of life or death. But doing so can place us in uncomfortable situations. If we are to have a godly influence, we must be committed to our convictions. Our lives are sometimes the only example of scriptural principles other people will see. So, like Daniel, we must decide to follow God, regardless of the circumstances. And like those in Daniel’s sphere of influence, the people you touch will see the work done for the Lord and glorify Him (Matt. 5:16).



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