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In Touch - March 8, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 8, 2007 – How to Handle our Fear - Isaiah 41:10-13  

A believer is captive to fear only when he or she chooses to be. Some people actually organize their life (or at least portions of it) around avoiding anxiety. But God’s children don’t have to live in that kind of bondage. His key to our shackles is trust.

At some time, fear enters the life of every believer. But it doesn’t need to remain long. To confront and overcome our concern, we must first acknowledge its presence. Ignoring anxiety, or trying to work around it, will likely cause us to step out of God’s will.

After we have admitted to being afraid, the next thing we must do is identify the nature of our fear. Sometimes, we feel anxious without knowing the reason. But the Holy Spirit can reveal why we are being held captive.

Next, we must begin the process of defeating fear’s hold on our lives. What better tool could there be for breaking chains than the Bible, the “sword of the Spirit” as it’s called in Ephesians 6:17. God’s Word speaks to our individual fears. Use a concordance to find specific practical help. Or, for more general encouragement, turn to Isaiah 41:10. Read and memorize this important promise.

When Dr. Stanley feels anxious, he takes Isaiah 41:10 back to God by praying, “Here’s what You said, and I believe You because You never lie. So I will trust You, Lord, to work in this situation.” Trusting God is the only way to be free from fear. Decide whether you are going to believe God and His promises or be chained by your emotions.



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