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In Touch - May 16, 2008

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday, May 16, 2008 – Those who have never heard Romans 1:18-25 

In many countries, the gospel can’t be shared freely. Repressive governments and religions stop Christians from telling others about Jesus. However, God is mightier than oppression. Where human messengers can’t carry the good news, the Lord is revealing Himself to those whose hearts are open.

First Timothy chapter two says God wants everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Him. Romans chapter 1 shows He is holy and just, but He can’t overlook man’s sinful condition, which renders all guilty and without excuse. He will not admit people into heaven unless they’ve acknowledged their need for a Savior.

But, our Father is also fair and merciful. He makes His presence known to every person so each one may choose to recognize His sovereignty. The Lord does this by revealing Himself to all mankind in two ways: through conscience and creation.

First, He has imbedded His basic moral guidelines in the human conscience. In other words, at some point in life, every sane person has an innate sense that certain actions are right and others are wrong.

Second, the Creator displays His power and divine nature through what He has made. The complexity, variety, order, and beauty of the world all point to an intelligent Designer. We can’t pinpoint every method the Lord uses to reveal Himself. Yet we can be sure nothing will stop Him from reaching out to people who follow conscience and creation to the logical conclusion… the existence of a loving, sovereign God.


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