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In Touch - May 17, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

May 17, 2007 – Joseph: Forward by Faith – Genesis 39 

            Welcome to the In Touch Devotional. 

            Every believer will fail occasionally in his or her faith. When that happens, how do we keep doubts to a minimum? The key is to remain focused on God so we can move forward in His will. 

            Consider the Old Testament hero Joseph, who trusted in God through the traumatic events of his teenage years. Faith carried him through betrayal, slavery, and imprisonment. Joseph trusted in the Lord. He didn’t allow circumstances, environment, or the opinions of others to distract him from acting in God’s will. Joseph believed every situation he faced was by God’s design. 

            Some people react to trials by complaining. They might say the situation is unfair and undeserved. They’re so focused on circumstances and how unlucky they are that they miss opportunities to serve God. 

            Joseph chose a different approach. Even though he’d been sold into slavery by his brothers, he decided to work with excellence. His duties in Potiphar’s house were probably menial. But he performed them as if he were working for the Lord. Only through this kind of commitment could Joseph have earned the attention and respect of his master. As a result, he was rewarded with greater responsibility. 

            As Joseph moved through one difficulty after another, he stayed focused on God. Genesis 37:10 says the Lord promised to raise Joseph to a position of leadership. He took a practical approach to the downward turn in his fortunes: he kept thinking about God and serving Him instead of dwelling on his difficult circumstances.


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