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In Touch - May 20, 2006

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Saturday May 20, 2006

The Kind of Mother Every Child Needs

1 Samuel 1


God, who understands our limitations and strengths, doesn’t expect perfect mothers. However, He has a pattern for believers to follow in order to become the kind of moms children need. Let’s look at Hannah’s example to discover God’s design for mothers:


Committed to family. Today when life at home becomes challenging, many people “check out” mentally. Hannah lived with a difficult person who made her miserable. Even with her husband’s consolation, every day was a trial. However, she did not waver in her commitment.


Finds joy in motherhood. Scripture records Hannah’s longings to have a child and her description of Samuel as a gift from God. We must be careful that our words confirm our child’s worth and in no way imply, “I did not want you.”


Tenderly cares for her children. Hannah was devoted to Samuel. Mothers nurture sons and daughters by expressing affirmation, offering words of love, and listening carefully. Inattention causes them to feel unimportant.


Offers spiritual training. Moms have an important role in teaching their children to love Jesus with all their heart and obey Him.


Lives sacrificially. Hannah voluntarily stayed home with Samuel when her husband went to the temple celebration. Above all, she dedicated the boy’s life to God. Christians are to live sacrificially, but mothers are called to a special kind of relinquishment in order to raise godly children.


What can you do to follow God’s blueprint for mothers more closely?


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