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In Touch - May 27, 2008


Tuesday, May 27, 2008 – Worth the Wait Isaiah 57:10 

Abraham didn’t wait for the Lord to provide him a son. He took matters into his own hands. His decision not to wait for God’s time and method revealed several things about him.

First, he was impatient. Second, he doubted. Though he believed God would give him a son, as time passed, he sensed he was losing the opportunity. Third, he was prideful. Abraham wanted it done by his own schedule and assumed his way should be good enough. Finally, he was selfish. By acting without the Lord’s leading, Abraham showed he expected God’s will to revolve around him. In reality, he was stepping out of the Father’s plan.

When we choose to manipulate circumstances or timing, these same things are revealed about us. Instead, we should wait for God’s plan and path, both of which flow from His love and wisdom. He is certain of what’s best for us. Our role is to seek His guidance and depend on Him.

Sometimes we know what God is going to do but are unclear when He’ll act. Other times, we’re unsure of the outcome. Regardless, we can be confident that God loves us and He’s all-powerful. If we truly understand who He is, we’ll be able to trust Him. And when we’re trusting Him, we’ll be able to wait for His perfect timing.

God makes a promise. Faith believes it. Hope anticipates it. And patience waits quietly for it. Do you trust the Lord enough to be patient for His way and His time?



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