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In Touch - May 3, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Tuesday May 3, 2005

Discovering God's Will



Would you say discovering God's will is like trying to catch a butterfly—always just out of reach? Or is it more like fishing, where you cast your lure and hope for the best? In either case, you lack the assurance that you can know what His will is. Jesus was certain He knew what His Father had planned (John 6:38-39), and He gives us His Spirit to reveal it to us.


Scripture is God's primary means of communication. It is both complete and comprehensive in its content. Containing principles that address all areas of life, the Bible is the Father’s instruction book for godly living. You cannot maintain the Christian life apart from a steady diet of Scripture. More than just a book to read, it is God's major way of speaking to us. Its purpose is to give us guidelines for living, and—through the Holy Spirit's influence—the wisdom to apply them to our daily decisions. The more familiar we are with Scripture, the easier it will be to see the relevancy of its precepts to our lives. Not adhering to God's plan will result in missing out on the abundant spiritual life that Christ promised; even more importantly, veering from God’s way will mean failure to bring Him glory that would result from following His will.


If God's Word does not have a central place in our lives, we will find it almost impossible to be certain we are in His will. Today is the day to change all that. God waits to meet with you in His Word. Will you join Him?


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