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In Touch - Nov. 16, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

November 16, 2007 – Hope for a Changing World Titus 2:11-15

            Our world changes rapidly; trusted governments fail and great economies falter. In fact, the nature of humanity and all of its institutions—scientific, political, religious, educational, etc.—is unstable. As a result, many people struggle with feelings of fear and insecurity. But there is one constant, and that is God. His Word is always true; His power is absolute. If we’re to live with assurance in this changing world, we must hope in the Lord.

            The world system is not going to improve. Ever since the time of the tower of Babel (Genesis 11), people have been casting a vision for a better civilization, but no manmade advance has permanently enhanced life. Certainly some institutions go through periods in which they seem to be a step up. Ultimately, though, any part of society that is godless lacks endurance. The reason for so much failure is that the talents, gifts, and knowledge man pours into these endeavors is undermined by his sin—particularly the sin of pride in his own accomplishment.

            Brilliant, charismatic leaders may claim to offer a better tomorrow, but no man or woman is the solution to the world’s problems. Only Christ can deliver on His promise of hope to those who trust in Him. Believing in Jesus means He lives in us—guiding us to wise decisions and offering us comfort and security, even in chaotic circumstances.

            This changing world can be a scary place—especially for people who trust in themselves or man-made institutions. But those who trust in Christ can have hope and confidence.



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