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In Touch - Nov. 16, 2011

  • 2011 Nov 16


November 16

Working for the Master

Colossians 3:23

In order to work “as for the Lord rather than for men,” you must begin with employment that honors Him. Just because you have a chance to make money at a job doesn’t mean you should necessarily take it.

God does not approve of all businesses. He certainly would not bless anything that exploits or deceives people.

You may say, “Well, this is the only job I could get.” But compromising your faith is never the way to support your family. A clear conscience and vibrant Christian life is far more important than the money you could earn from unethical pursuits. Furthermore, if God doesn’t want you doing a certain job, He’ll give you a better place to work.

Once you find appropriate employment, be sure to treat other people the way God does—with love and respect, whatever their position is. When I was in college, maids cleaned our rooms. I remember some of my roommates saying harsh things about the “hired help.” I thought to myself, If that were my mother, how would I want somebody to treat her? I began to regard the maid as if she were my mom—someone who cared about cleaning my room. How do you want people to treat your children? How do you want them to treat your husband or your wife? How do you want to be treated?

The Bible tells us to work as unto the Lord (Col. 3:23). We can’t do that unless we’re at a job that pleases Him and aligns with His ways. Once we find ourselves serving Him in our job, we must never forget to treat others with love and respect, regardless of our position—or theirs.

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