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In Touch - Nov. 20, 2008

Thursday November 20
The Source of Our Hope 

Colossians 1:26-28

Hope is a desire for something, accompanied by the anticipation of receiving it. If our expectation of fulfilment diminishes, discouragement can set in. And prolonged disappointment can lead to despair.

The disciple Judas wanted to see Israel throw off Roman oppression and establish itself as the ruling power. Perhaps he thought that having Jesus arrested would push God to use force against Israel’s religious and political rulers. If that was his thinking, then Judas failed to reach his goal. We know for certain that his betrayal of Jesus cost him everything. Overcome by guilt, he gave up his life.

We have an Enemy who watches for our times of weakness, when he can influence us away from the Lord. As the father of lies, he tries to keep us focused on our circumstances and doubting God—He wants us to complain, “This isn’t fair. If the Lord loves me, why would He allow this to happen?”

As children of the heavenly Father, we were birthed into a living hope: the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:3). Because of Him, we have been taken from condemnation to full acceptance, from spiritual death to eternal life in heaven with the Lord. We have His indwelling Spirit to guide us through tough times and to provide comfort in them.

Because we’re eternally secure in the Lord, we are never in a hopeless circumstance. We may feel desperate, but emotions are not reliable. Jesus Christ, our Savior and friend, is our constant source of hope.



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