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In Touch - Nov. 26, 2009

November 26 
Feasting on the Word 

Deuteronomy 8

The Bible should be the priority book in our literary diet. If we spent as much time in the Word as we do at the dinner table, our spirit and character would be strong and thriving. And no matter what our circumstances happened to be, we'd experience an inner joy. The satisfaction that comes from living an obedient life is not possible apart from Scripture.

In God's Word, we find out how He thinks and what He does. We also discover the guiding principles for a successful life. After all, how can we trust God unless we know Him? And how can we be like Jesus unless we practice the habits He displays in Scripture?

God told the Israelites not to turn from His Word to the right or to the left. Only a straight route through His will would result in success, even when walled cities like Jericho stood in the way (Josh. 6:2). What this means in practical terms is that every time we must make a decision, we sift it through what we know of the Lord from Scripture. When we face a crisis, we dig into the Bible to answer the question, What would the Lord have me do? We do not live by reason, the opinion of others, or our own wisdom. Rather, we conform our minds, heart, and will to the biblical standard.

Bread will keep your stomach full, but your life will be empty without a holy daily meal that includes reading and meditation. Learn to recognize spiritual hunger pains, such as vague discontent or animosity toward the things of God—and quickly begin to feast on the Word. 

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