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In Touch - November 4, 2005

  • 2005 Nov 04

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday November 4, 2005

Being a Person of Godly Influence

Daniel 1:17-21


In the book of Daniel, we read of a young man with an ever-widening sphere of influence. Daniel had a positive effect, not only on the people closest to him, but also on those with power over him. His godly influence came first of all from his strong belief in the truth of Scripture. In addition, he was a person of:


Commitment. Daniel did not simply know God's law; he was convinced there was no other way to live. When tested, he remained unswervingly committed to the Lord and His Word; obedience was non-negotiable. Following God doesn't mean living out biblical principles only when it's convenient or easy. It is to be our lifestyle, which we live out consistently, no matter what. Without commitment to what we believe, we will waver back and forth, be a poor Christian witness, and eventually give in to temptation and ungodly influences.


Courage. As a captive, Daniel had no personal rights; it took courage for him to approach the king's chief official — he did not know what the reaction would be. But instead of letting fear dominate his emotions, he trusted God and spoke out.


Daniel's loyalty was divinely rewarded with knowledge and understanding of all kinds. His example not only led his three friends to remain committed to their convictions and to act courageously when threatened by the king (Daniel 3:16-27); it also brought Daniel to the attention of four rulers whom he was able to influence.


Strong convictions. Solid commitment. Steady courage. The Lord wants this to describe you.


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