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In Touch - November 9, 2005

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Wednesday November 9, 2005

Fear or Faith?

Matthew 14:22-33


Many believers will go through life missing divine opportunities because they are afraid to live as God intends. Fear can paralyze us into inaction — then our life fills with lost chances to serve, minister, or see the Lord's work up close. Consider the 11 disciples who stayed in the boat when Peter got out and walked to Jesus. How many times must each man have regretted choosing safety over the intense joy of stepping on water next to the Son of God? But Andrew, John, and the others missed their opportunity. Unfortunately, many Christians stay in the boat all their lives too. At the end, these same folks probably wonder why their lives seem empty.


We easily succumb to fear's potency when we attempt to endure trouble in our own strength. We were not created to live in such a way. God designed us to function best when we allow Jesus Christ's divine power to supplant our weakness. As he stood on the surface of the Sea of Galilee, Peter looked around at the fierce wind and remembered that no human can walk on water. His own strength was inadequate to keep him afloat, and he quickly sank. Jesus' greater power was sufficient to lift Peter from the sea and carry them both safely to the boat.


Apprehension can paralyze the believer and consequently freeze the Lord's plan. But responding with faith to God's directions unleashes divine power and sets His work into motion. The moment that we step out of the boat and move away from the familiar boundaries of our limited strength, we walk by faith.

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