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In Touch - Oct. 6-7, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

October 6-7, 2007 – Our Helper in Prayer – Romans 8:26-27 

            The Holy Spirit is a practical helper. He is a member of the Trinity, which means He is all-powerful and all-knowing, just as the Father is. And He is one with the Father and the Son Jesus Christ. In other words, the Spirit dwelling within us always knows exactly what God in heaven wills for our life. 

            Since even the most intelligent people operate with limited knowledge, it is wise to depend upon the Holy Spirit’s guidance, especially in prayer. We do not know what the future holds; as a result, our desires may not fit God’s plan. Or, it might never occur to us to request something that the Lord knows we will eventually be needing. 

            There are believers who give up on prayer because, in light of our human limitations, they don’t see how it can make sense. But those who stop communicating with God miss out on the awesome work of the Spirit. He directs our prayers, impresses upon our hearts the truth about what we have asked, and ultimately opens our mind to God’s will. 

            Believers never have to worry about making a wrong prayer. In our humanness, we often ask for something that we think will satisfy our fleshly need. But the Holy Spirit won’t present a request that goes against the Father’s will. Instead, He intercedes to ask for what is right. And at the same time, He whispers to our heart that what we have requested is not suitable. 

            If God’s will is our true desire, we’ll be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. He is our prayer link to the Father, and where He leads, we must follow.



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