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In Touch - Sept. 25, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

September 25, 2007 – The Roles of the Holy Spirit – John 16:7-14

            As the divine helper and instructor, the Holy Spirit guides believers into all truth. Throughout our Christian walk, He reveals God’s thoughts and purpose for our lives.

            Yesterday, I pointed out that the Spirit’s overall goal is to transform our lives. He accomplishes this through three roles.

            The first function of the Holy Spirit is evangelistic. In other words, He wants us to recognize our sinfulness and need for a Savior. His desire is that we comprehend how our sin separates us from the Lord. Then, as we become aware of the gap between ourselves and the heavenly Father, the Spirit of God enables understanding of the Cross and brings us to salvation.

            Next is a discipleship role—the Holy Spirit teaches us how to walk in dependence upon Him and relate to each other. He also directs us to areas of effective service for God.

            The Spirit also works in a missionary role. The Father wants everyone to come to know Jesus as Savior, and salvation through Christ provides believers with an opportunity to share their faith with others. This missionary work is accomplished through more than just our words—our character and conduct can also “speak” clearly.

            The Holy Spirit has a three-fold purpose for every single believer: evangelism, discipleship, and missions. As our faith matures, we will see Him operate in all of these roles. And as a result, we’ll have a fuller picture of who God is, how He operates in our lives, and the ways we can participate in His work.


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