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In Touch - Sept. 3, 2007

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

September 3, 2007 – God’s Goal for Our Life Galatians 5:16-25

            He’s a hard worker like his daddy.” “She looks just like her mom.”

            Moms and dads are usually pleased when a child shares their positive traits. Our heavenly Father is that way too. As His children mature spiritually, He wants them to become more like Him and His Son Jesus Christ. But godly characteristics do not come naturally to fallen human beings; believers inherit the Father’s traits through the Holy Spirit.

            When a person is saved, he or she is born into a new family, in which God is the Father and other Christians are brothers and sisters. At that time, the new believer receives some of the inheritance promised in the Scriptures—eternal security, the indwelling presence of God’s Spirit, and freedom from sin’s power. Residing within us, the Holy Spirit is our everpresent Advisor and Comforter. Through His guidance, our character, conversation, and conduct are reshaped to look like Jesus’.

            The way that we grow in Christlikeness is by submission to the work of the Holy Spirit. Subjecting our body, mind, emotions, and will to the Lord suppresses self-determination and allows Christ’s life to be expressed instead. Selfishness is then replaced by His gentle yet firm love. Though we still have our body and mind, we are each a new person.

            The transformation that takes place in our inner spirit is reflected on the outside. As we take on more godly traits, people around us will become more aware of our “family resemblance” to the Lord. We are called to surrender ourselves to the process, since Christlikeness is God’s goal for our life.


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