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In Touch - Sept. 7, 2006

  • 2006 Sep 07

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

September 7, 2006 

God, Our Friend 

John 14:21-24


Relationships should be a two-way street. As Christians, however, we sometimes want to do all the taking and let God do all the giving. If we are to be productive believers, we must accept responsibility for our part in the covenant God made with us at salvation.


Christians must pursue intimacy with God. Living out our faith would be easy if we did nothing while the Lord filled our head with spiritual knowledge. But that would be a one-sided friendship. Real relationships are fueled by communication. Through Bible study and prayer, we must take the initiative to find out about God’s ways and plans.


Believers must also protect intimacy with God. To do that, we must be obedient. When we disobey, we weaken the connection between us. We pursue something other than Him. No person, ideology, or material possession can fulfill our heart’s desire like serving the Lord.


We’re also called to pass on the good news about intimacy with God. The greatest gift we can give the people in our life is a view of our friendship with God. When we talk about Him with our children or tell co-workers how He is working in our life, we sow seeds of desire in their hearts. Our family and friends will want the kind of close connection to almighty God that we have.


God has created you, saved you, and given you an eternal home. That’s the kind of friend any person should want to please and serve. Give back to the Lord the little that He asks of you: your time, your obedience, and your witness. 





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