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In Touch - Sept. 8, 2006

  • 2006 Sep 08

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

September 8, 2006 

The Purpose of Life

Genesis 1:26-27


What is the purpose of life? For thousands of years, people have been trying to answer that question. Countless books have examined the subject. And philosophers have searched centuries for an explanation. But God has a specific reason for placing us on earth—to form us into His image bearers. The Father’s intention from the beginning was to form people in His likeness. But Adam and Eve’s sin started a ripple effect which continues today.


Since mankind is sinful, none of us can be like the Lord. God knew His human creation would make wrong choices— that was the risk of giving us free will. So, even before He laid the world’s foundation, He had a plan for redemption: Any person who wants to be right with the Father is made blameless through the sacrifice of the Son, Jesus Christ. Salvation makes us new creatures who can start life anew.


God desires for us to live as Jesus would. So, He molds our spirit and character. That process doesn’t end until we receive our new eternal bodies and become a true reflection of our Lord. While we remain on earth, we model Jesus to those around us. Like a Father, God is pleased to see His children maturing to look more like Him.


Regardless of our successes and achievements, He will not allow us to be content unless we are undergoing His work of transformation. Peace and joy will elude us until we submit to the Lord’s plan… because bearing His image is our very purpose in life.





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