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In Touch - September 30, 2005

  • 2005 Sep 30

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

Friday September 30, 2005

Wholly Surrendered

Luke 1:26-38


Do you know what it costs the kingdom of God when we live with a restricted commitment to Christ? Countless souls, useful Christian workers, and prayers that would have been answered (James 4:3).


We are wholly surrendered to God...


1. When we say, "No matter what I want, Lord, Your will be done." We start by acknowledging His right to be in control of our lives. Then we follow, even if He leads us where we don't want to go.


2. When we stop bargaining with God. Our prayers often sound like this: "Lord, I am willing to do what You say if only You first help me [or heal me, or give me success in this venture . . .]" As sinners condemned by our own nature and helpless to save ourselves, we have no basis for negotiation with God. He redeemed us with the shed blood of His Son and made us part of His family. Our allegiance to Him is to be wholehearted.


3. When we let go in order to receive from the Lord. Absolute surrender means we willingly relinquish our independence, self-determination, and personal preferences. (Matthew 10:39) By doing so, we position ourselves for an outpouring of God's maximum blessing, full usefulness in His service, and deep fellowship with Him.


Because we are an open channel ready for God's use, nothing obstructs the flow of His Spirit through our life and work. We will receive more than we ever give up.


What has God brought to mind that you have not truly yielded to Him? Won't you kneel down and surrender it today?


* * *


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