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InTouch 01-28-04

In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Dr. Charles Stanley

January 28, 2004

In Touch Daily Devotional


The Moments That Sustain Us

Joshua 1:8


Meditation is a vital part of a healthy, growing relationship with God. However, it is something that is often left out of many believers' lives. Therefore, we must examine a basic, key question: how do we meditate?


First, we must devote ourselves to the reading of God's Word. If we want to hear His message, then we must dig deep into Scripture. This is no mere book, but is instead the very message of God to His people. We have Scripture in order to know God better; as faithful stewards of that gift, we must make it an integral part of our lives.


Second, we must learn to pray Scripture back to God. That is, when we read a passage, no matter what the subject matter is, we should lift that Word back up to heaven, showing that we are in agreement with what the Lord has spoken. This is how we affirm the message of Scripture.


Third, we must apply the Word. The Bible is not here for simple information; rather, it was given for obedience. If we do not allow the Word of God to change our life, then how much value do we really place on it?


Fourth, we must submit to God's will. As we spend time actively listening to God, He will share His plans for us. As we apply what we have heard, meditation will become more and more instinctive for us. Then, we will find that we hear His voice throughout every moment.


God has a special message for you. Take the time necessary to hear what your heavenly Father is saying.


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