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InTouch 03-19-04

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 19
In Touch Daily Devotional


Vision Without Boundaries
Acts 1:6-8


Motivation very often makes the difference between success and failure. We see this every day, especially as we go about different tasks. We know that we are more excited to do those things that interest us, and less interested in doing the things we see as "chores." The answer to stagnation, then, could be something as simple as motivation.
In terms of the Christian life, a loss of motivation can have devastating outcomes. Remember, when we think about the task before us-making disciples of all nations-the results of inaction go far beyond ourselves. In fact, the implications for our unbelieving friends may well have eternal consequences.
What motivated the early church? It was the transforming work of Christ. He gave them hope, help, strength, power, and purpose. Moreover, He gave them the assurance of His own unending presence.
Think about that. The disciples knew that in order to do what He had called them to do, they would have to go into a hostile world without Him. So, what did Jesus do? He assured them that He would never be far away, and that He would send the Holy Spirit of God upon them. (Acts 1:8; John 14:23-31) He met their need-and also provided their greatest motivation-by promising to be right with them every moment, no matter what they faced. This was their fuel in spreading the Gospel around the world!
The good news for us is that the same motivation is available today. Jesus still stands with us, empowering us to action, and providing the motivation to accomplish His call to service.


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