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InTouch 03-27-04

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 27
In Touch Daily Devotional


When We Feel Frustrated
Numbers 22


In a previous lesson, we examined some root causes of frustration. Most of them were related to unresolved personal issues that had never been addressed. But what do we do when the frustration comes from God Himself?


Sometimes God sends frustration to block our way and arrest our attention. It can be particularly effective in bringing us to the point where we are willing to think about things we have never considered before.  This can be His way of getting us off dead center and redirecting our paths toward something new or different. It may be that we need to revise our thinking and consider a new strategy or possibly even a new career or location.


So when we are harried by feelings of anxiety or restlessness, we should not rush to bury them under some medication or pain killer. Instead, we should adopt a listening posture and take time to process these feelings. If they are of God, they will not go away. When they recur, we need to give God our undivided attention. Unfortunately, God gets very little of this. When we honor Him this way, we begin to learn that He loves us enough to send something very specific in order to get us on a new path with Him.


It is exciting to sense that the sovereign Creator is taking a personal interest in blocking my path so that He can show me a better way. He will use even frustration to make sure we are thoroughly conformed to His likeness.


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