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Power Under Control - July 21

  • 2021 Jul 21






Power Under Control


God blesses those who are gentle and lowly, for the whole earth will belong to them (Matthew 5:5). 



Dear friends:


Have you ever wondered why our Lord promised a special reward to the meek, sometimes translated as gentleness?  


What is meekness, and why did our Lord say that the meek will inherit the earth?


The Strong's Enhanced Lexicon says that meekness means "mildness of disposition, gentleness of spirit; the gentle person is not occupied with self at all. This is a work of the Holy Spirit, not of the human will."


Meekness in the biblical sense here is not weakness.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  It is "power under control."  Our Lord Jesus was a perfect example of power under control.  As Creator of the universe, He had total, unlimited power.   Yet in order to obey His Father's will, He subordinated that power and kept it under control.  In fact, Jesus, the Son of God, indeed God Himself, came to planet Earth disguised as a slave (Philippians 2:7, NLT).  


Just after Judas betrayed Him, when Peter was going to physically protect Him, our Lord told Peter to put his sword back in its place, and said, "Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?  But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen in this way?" (Matthew 26:53-54, NIV).  


Jesus could have unleashed enough power to kill every soldier in the entire Roman Empire and, in fact, destroy the whole earth; however, He meekly kept His power under control for His Father's loving purposes.


If you were to watch a well-bred, trained stallion being put through his paces, you would notice that although he is powerful, strong, and spirited, he is completely submitted to the will of his trainer.  But this does not happen overnight.  A trainer must develop a special relationship with his horse, which is a long and difficult process.  But the process creates a deep, lasting loyalty and partnership.


It is the same in the life of the believer.  Meekness reflects a strikingly similar relationship between our Lord and His children surrendered to His will.  


As we come to know the Lord better, and His ways, and as we develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him, we are able to conform to His desires and will for us.  Even though we may have previously been "powerful, strong and spirited" in the natural sense, as the horse, we now become completely submitted to His will.  


That is the kind of meekness our Lord desires in us, and by it, we will inherit the earth, as "heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory" (Romans 8:17, NIV).

Yours for fulfilling the Great Commission each year until our Lord returns,
Bill Bright

The late Dr. Bill Bright was Founder and President/Chairman Emeritus of Campus Crusade for Christ, an organization which began as a campus ministry in 1951 and now has more than 27,000 full-time staff and up to 500,000 trained volunteer staff in 196 countries in areas representing 99.6 percent of the world's population. In the past 50 years, Campus Crusade for Christ has seen approximately 6 billion exposures to the gospel worldwide. The film, "JESUS," which Bright conceived and funded through Campus Crusade for Christ, is the most widely translated and viewed film of any type ever produced. Since its use began in 1980, the film has been translated into 839 languages and viewed or listened to by over 5.7 billion people in 228 countries. Dr. Bright was also the author of more than fifty books. Visit campuscrusade.com for more details

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