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Integrity Moments - April 21, 2017

  • 2017 Apr 21


Gathering Wisdom

On a recent vacation, my friends, Phil and Gina, were discussing the importance of observing people and events with a quiet mind. For example:

  • The young captain on their dinner cruise who was as enthused as the guests when whales were spotted!
  • Or when the captain gave the wheel to one of his crew members while he helped serve dinner.
  • Or the massage therapist who wanted to add a 20% tip to Phil’s credit card before he started. He was very cordial, but his pursuit of money made Phil uncomfortable.

Phil learned valuable life lessons on service and integrity from these men that will enhance his leadership at work.

Proverbs 14:24 says, “The wise accumulate wisdom.”

Wisdom comes with age, but only when we spend time reflecting on our experiences.

Today’s Integrity Moment was adapted with permission from the writings of Phillip Cohen.


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