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Integrity Moments - December 7, 2017

  • 2017 Dec 07


A Dying Dream

Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, had a dream that died when Veggie Tales was forced into bankruptcy. As Phil’s dreams disintegrated, the story of the Shunamite woman in 2 Kings provided Phil some answers. 

The prophet Elisha repaid a Shunamite woman’s kindness by asking God to give her a son. Later the son died, as did the woman’s dream of motherhood. The woman knew God was her only hope.

The Shunamite pursued Elisha and said in 2 Kings 4:30, “‘As surely as the Lord lives and as you live, I will not leave you.’ So he got up and followed her.”

Due to her desperate pursuit of God, Elisha resurrected the woman’s son, and her dream.

If you’re dream is dying, remember God is all you need to pursue.


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