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Integrity Moments - February 19, 2015

  • 2015 Feb 19



It's Not About You
By: Rick Boxx
February 19, 2015

Rick Warren began his famous book, “Purpose Driven Life” with the simple but profound truth, “It’s not about you.” In business, this is a paradoxical statement.

Many companies set compensation and commission models so that their employee’s motives are more closely aligned with the organization’s objectives. Unfortunately, these objectives are not always in alignment with our customer’s objectives.

Rather than trying to serve our customers, our motives can sometimes be purposefully designed to manipulate our customers.

Ephesians 6:7-8 teaches, “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men, because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free.”

God has a “compensation plan” as well, but He rewards us for serving others wholeheartedly. Consider developing your compensation plans accordingly.

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